Combined bull-edger outfeed

Combined bull-edger outfeed

Benefits and features


  • Standard length 20'
  • Seven(7) hold-down wheels to handle material 4' or longer
  • Seven(7) idler rolls mounted directly under hold-down wheels
  • #60 roller chain drive on hold-down wheel
  • Jack shaft arrangement to pick-up drive from bull side
  • Bull side : endless 24" wide belt
  • 3 HP electric drive
  • Safety guard made of metal mesh on full lenght
  • Structure made of HSS tubing : 6'' x 6'' x 1/4''

For other width or length, consult factory.


  1. When a third saw fix or mobile is being used :
    • Moveable beam
    • One(1) extra set of hold down wheels
    • Shifting cylinder and control valve
  2. For edger only: remove the 24'' belt conveyor 
Cardinal Equipment