Parts and Service

After-sales service and technical support quality and promptness are all-important for our clients. This is why Cardinal Equipment readily and quickly provides you with access to a team of qualified technicians.

In 2001, Cardinal Equipment obtained government accreditation as an approved training organization (ATO). We offer training courses on equipment operation and maintenance methods, customizable to your specific requirements.

Our technicians specialize in:

  • electromechanics
  • automation
  • optimization

Services offered:

  • Installation support
  • Equipment start-up and maintenance
  • Training
  • Diagnoses and repair solutions
  • Warranty
  • Telephone support

Quickly supplying you with high-quality parts for your equipment is one of our top priorities. Through our four 5 branches located in Quebec (Angliers and Quebec City), Ontario (North Bay and Port Perry) and New-Brunswick (Dieppe), you can easily find the resources and/or parts you need.

For any additional information regarding services provided by Cardinal in the sawmill, forestry, and recycling industries, please contact:

Québec, Ontario and
West Provinces

Tel. : (819) 949-2281

Mr. Gaétan Bernèche
Cell. : (819) 372-7487 24/7

Mr. Léonce Roy
Cell. : (819) 531-0839 24/7


Mr. Raymond Leach
Manager, Dieppe branch, NB
Tel. : (506) 852-4310
Toll Free : 1 800 931-9611
Cell. : (506) 862-8640 24/7

Cardinal Equipment