Medium duty live deck

Medium duty live deck

Benefits and features


  • 20' long
  • Tubular steel structure 10" X 6" X 3/8" with 4" chain guides, steel wear plates 3/8" and WR-78 chain
  • Spacing between the warp strands according to customer specifications, no extra charge for spacings up to 8'0 "
  • Transmission shaft 2 7/16 "
  • Adjustable tail shaft bearing (bearing insert)
  • Cross members and legs to a maximum height of 48 "at the top chains

* Drive: see options

* For other dimensions, contact Cardinal


  1. Electric gear motor drive (size based on application)
  2. Hydraulic drive with jack shaft reduction
  3. Side walls made of steel
  4. Add flooring made of steel 3/8" thick plate
  5. Chain WR-131 instead of WR-78
  6. Add Sub-structure


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