Lug loader

Lug loader

The CARDINAL lug loader is designed to load one piece of lumber per lug on a trimmer or other system where lumber requires to be indexed.  It can handle pieces fron 3/4" to 6" thick and 3" to 16" wide in hardwood or softwood.

The lug loader can load up to 50 pieces/minute in mixed width.

Benefits and features


  • One 8'0" long infeed table made of six(6) strands of 81X chain with hydraulic drive
  • Eight(8) stop & loader fingers mounted ahead of carry over wheels with air cylinder valve and control
  • Eight(8) carry over wheels with hydraulic drive
  • Six(6) strands of #80 roller chain for speed up chain with hydraulic drive

* Hydraulic supply required : 20 g.p.m. (not included)


  • Variable speed electric drive

* The infeed table head shaft is part of the lug loader system

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